Team Building

Team Building

The goal of Upvibations is to make employees happy, very motivated and more ceative and preformant, we build human families inside work and we use a combination of  positive psychology and best pactices  that focuss on stenghts than weaknesses working on what is good, make it stronger than loosing energy on what is not woking, it helps people to be more performant.
After teambuilding, employees immediately started treating each other less like competitors and more like collaborators. The perfomances results incease more than 20% and ceativity 40%.   workplace .
Making your organization a happy place to go to work is an essential component to the successful long-lasting business
Your workplace will become a better place and people will do better work.
Better productivity : A happy and engaged team is a more productive team
Building positive teams : Helping Your Employees  Be Happy and Engaged
When your organization is known for being happy and treating employees well, it impacts on the consumer. This will instill confidence in your clients and customers who, in turn, will continue to speak positively about their experience with your organization and individual team members. Positivity also brings longer-term benefits

Results : Managing Positively

Reinforcing Positivity until it becomes a habit…

While there are countless benefits of building a positive team, one of the most significant is that people are most creative and productive when they’re part of a happy, healthy group.

Positive teams are led by positive leaders, so start with yourself. Next, remove the obstacles that could have a negative influence on your team’s positivity.

Manage positively by creating a mission and vision statement so that your team members know why they’re there. Then, reinforce long-term positivity by building self-confidence and using affirmations.


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